Want to have your cake and eat it?

Here’s how! Lower mortgage payments and great customer service. If you already have a loan with another financial institution and have a good track record, simply switch to Ghana Home Loans. You get cheaper interest rates and also benefit from our first class services. We’ll pay off the outstanding balance on your behalf and you can even get a top up of what you had before.

Mortgage Refinance

Facts you should know.

Great customer service
We treat you right.
For sole or joint borrowers
You can apply even if you’re joint owners. We assess each of you separately.
Low interest rates
You get interest rates that are highly competitive in the Ghanaian mortgage market.
Includes the Self-employed
Being an entrepreneur is no barrier to accessing a home refinance mortgage. You only need to meet our lending criteria.
Extra value
You make savings on your monthly mortgage payments.
Even if You live Abroad
You can live outside Ghana and still apply for a home refinance loan. All that matters is your ability to service your loan
Quick Decisions
You get prompt feedback.

What you need

  1. Property to be refinanced must be residential.
  2. You must not be above the age of 60 years at the time of application.
  3. You must have a satisfactory repayment history on existing mortgage with the other institution.

How to apply – 7 easy steps

  1. Submit your completed application form with the required supporting documents.
  2. We issue an Approval in Principle, once we have reviewed your financials.
  3. We process your application and if approved, issue a Facility Letter.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and return the Facility letter.
  5. Fulfil all necessary conditions including insurance policies.
  6. Submit a Deed of Discharge and a final Redemption Statement to us.
  7. Then we close the process and disburse your loan.

What we need

Only provide the following:Other requirements if you are self-employed.
2 forms of identity (passport, license, etc.)Certificate of incorporation and certificate to commence business
2 passport pictures3 years’ audited financial statements
3 most recent months’ pay slips/other sources of incomeLimited liability companies – Forms 3 & 4
3 most recent months’ bank statementsSole proprietors – Form A
Proof of address (2 different utility bills/tenancy agreements etc.)3 years’ company bank statement & 1 year’s personal bank statements (if applicable)
Credit report (non-resident applicants)
Redemption statement from current lender